Otoplasty has a long history and was first described in 1948 by a doctor named Dieffenbach. The surgery has come a long way and multiple technical modifications have been reported. The surgery is performed on population that has protruding ears. Although this is a very common congenital deformity, it can be treated effectively by performing Otoplasty.


As with any other surgery, otoplasty also has its share of risks, such as infection, blood clot, scarring, anesthesia allergies, asymmetry, numbness and even dissatisfaction. In order to minimize this, you should choose the right surgeon for you. Get an experienced one even if they will cost you a little bit more. Look them up on the internet so that you can get an idea about their reputation from other people’s points of view. Make sure that you follow all their advice on post-operation care, like antibiotic medication and cleansing of the area. Contact Miami Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Pascual today to book your complimentary consultation. Thank you for reading!